The story behind our new brand mark

When we first started thinking about redesigning TXO's brand mark, we knew we wanted to bring together all the divisions of our business. At the same time we also wanted to incorporate the idea of simplicity and flexibility. It soon became clear that we needed a logo that would remain independent and strong, regardless how much we develop and grow over time. We wanted to achieve all of this while still acknowledging and respecting TXO’s past. This ultimately led us to the logo you see today. 

Txo GIF-downsized (1)Font

The font of our logo is slick and clean to give the brand a sense of polish that clearly matches our technology driven industry. However, we didn’t want the logo to fade into the background of a heavily saturated and competitive market, and that’s why we developed such a strong look. We want users to see our brand mark and understand our goal: being your trusted telecom network partner.


TXO’s Group Marketing Manager, Adele Mitchell said:

"We're proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. It reflects who we are today and is a symbol of our dynamic future. Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around TXO aligning with this new direction: on our website, our emails, at our sites around the world, and in some cases on our products. Our in-house marketing team, together with our fantastic partners at Cardiff based digital agency Core, worked to create a new and more cohesive visual identity. And we’re starting, today, with the logo." 


The ‘O’

What you will notice about the logo is that it is deliberately clean, bold and simple, drawing the eye without overwhelming it. The ‘O’ graphical element gives the sense of scale and movement and can be used as a supporting graphic in many different scenarios. The colour of the ‘O’ itself is a vibrant green, a colour that stands for renewal, nature, and energy. It is also traditionally associated with growth, harmony, safety and the environment. As the ‘O’ evokes a mindset that focuses on what is circular, the TXO’s passion for a circular economy is front and centre. 

Other colours for the ‘O’ will include purple, blue and red to convey the multitude of OEMs and customers that we support globally. In having a range of millennial colour options, it reinforces our modern, fresh approach and allows us to explore gifs that show movement and energy - there's a story behind every colour. You will likely see this aspect of the logo throughout our website and branding, becoming a staple of the TXO vision.


TXO’s Group CMO, Patrick Lloyd-Bradley said:

“Strengthening our brand allows us to present ourselves to existing and potential clients as an organisation with the extensive product knowledge and technical experience needed to quickly troubleshoot your real-world issues and advance your telecom network. Our new brand identity better reflects our global reach and represents the depth of products and services we bring to our clients wherever they may be.”

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