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Future-proof your network with TXO’s 400G optical transceivers

For network companies to survive in this constantly evolving capacity-driven world, agility is crucial. The need for 400G services is evidently here, so if you’re ready to make the jump, our very own 400G SFP range is a genuine option for you.

As we saw with 100G (QSFP28), core network architectures evolve, the switches become more powerful and the larger DC hyperscalers spearhead the faster, higher speed delivery for extra bandwidth. The appetite for 400G is now trickling into the telco/service provider sphere and we’re here to support those who are on the verge of making the step.

OEMs will naturally be rushing to get their stalls in order, but here at TXO, we’ve been quietly working away on the development of our 200G – 800G family for the last 12 months and we have a host of 400G modules ready for test and use. We’re excited to share that our customers can now make significant and sustainable savings when embarking on their 400G journey.

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Our service promise

As the no.1 alternative to the OEM, we can help you make significant cost savings on 100% compatible optical transceivers without compromising on quality. A key to our success has been the development of our UK-based 5,000 sq. ft. / 500m² testing lab equipped with the full range of telecoms domains. These facilities mean that we can perform the appropriate testing on your modules before dispatching to you. Our testing regime includes compatibility testing and reliable distance verification. A level of service that many suppliers do not offer.

If you’re thinking about how our customised 400G optical transceiver solutions could help futureproof your telecom network, please contact us to talk through all your options.

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