Life at TXO: Meet Daniel, our asset management rep in Brazil

We love giving you the inside scoop on what #LifeAtTXO is really like. This time, we'd like to introduce you to Daniel, who works with asset management all the way in Brazil. 👋 

In this Q&A, Daniel tells us about his role and history in TXO, spanning a total of 8 years! 😀

Let's get to know Daniel!  



When did you join TXO and can you describe your typical week?

I joined TXO 8 years ago in August 2014, just as the office in Brazil was starting its operation. I had just finished an English course when the opportunity to join the operations/dispatch team arose. It has been a busy and fulfilling past 8 years as TXO has grown and grown, receiving more equipment, hiring more people and even getting more space at a new warehouse.


How has your career progressed since working with us?

I started in operations, dispatch and packing equipment - which ships to customers directly and prepares containers to be shipped to our HQ and branches worldwide. Through de-install projects, I have had the opportunity to visit more than 15 cities in Brazil and even in countries in Latin America. In 2019, I progressed to the sales team, then shortly afterwards I started working with asset management which is the position I am currently in.


What are the top 3 things that you like the most about working at TXO?

1. Being able to meet and talk with people all over the world.
2. The family culture that we created in our office and with the whole organisation.
3. Being environmentally conscious to support the circular economy by recovering, and reselling telecom equipment which avoids them being wasted.


What is it that you love about what we do?

It feels like we are taking care of our planet and also offering quality equipment to our customers. It is a great sense of purpose being able to provide solutions in a sustainable way.


If you were our CEO for the day, what one change would you bring about?

I would organise a get-together with all of our employees, that would take place at our HQ in the UK.


What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I have more than 4.000 Pokémon cards in my house.


What’s your favourite flavour of crisps?

Probably, bacon!


What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

I'm a big football fan and I was born supporting Palmeiras (the first club world champion!), so I'll probably be watching football or playing football… but of course a good barbecue on Sunday can't be missed.


Which of our brand values resonates with you the most? And why?

Trust and honesty are the most important things for me, for our customers and also our colleagues.


What's your funniest TXO memory?
Well, I’ve been with TXO since 2014 so I have a lot of funny moments! The most recent was a de-installation we carried out in the south of Brazil. The two colleagues I was working with loved the song 'Put Your Head On My Shoulder' by Paul Anka and I must have listened to it 100 times during the time we spent de-installing. It seemed quite a random song for both of my colleagues to want to listen to over and over again, it's still stuck in my head!


If you'd like to work with Daniel in Brazil, or in one of our other brilliant teams across the globe, drop us an email at hello@txo.com - we can't wait to meet you!


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