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TXO doubles its European warehouse capacity in France

To mark our French facility’s 1st birthday, we’ve doubled our warehouse space!

Due to increased customer demand, we’ve been busy upscaling our French warehouse. Choosing to partner with TXO is now easier than ever. 

Our French facility has been open for just over a year and we’re proud that our European base has enabled us to adapt to changing trade conditions. This investment into TXO France’s storage capacity is fantastic news not just for those in the EU, but for our clients all over the world, encouraging and supporting international trade. 

What this means for our customers

Having more space is amazing for us and our wonderful customers. We've been continually upsizing our locations over the years, bringing our warehouse size to more than 182,500 Sq Ft / 16,954 m² across our global locations. This latest expansion means we can now hold double the amount of stock in France, which equates to 288 extra pallet spaces.

The added space enables us to buy telecom network equipment in even greater bulk through our asset recovery operation to maximise efficiencies of scale. Ultimately reducing operational costs, allowing us to continue offering telecom network equipment that is both cost effective and available. And not forgetting about services, more storage means that we can take on larger asset recovery projects to recover consignments from individual parts, cabinets, chassis or even full country/global network de-installations of both mobile and fixed network equipment.

Our European base

Having our facility in Europe gives us flexibility and makes it easier to move equipment across different countries in and outside of the EU. All of our warehouses work collaboratively to move equipment across different countries. This alleviates any concerns of buying from international suppliers due to fears of risky logistics. 

Our Managing Director of TXO France, Sébastien Bourgoin said:

“Increasing our storage capacity at TXO SAS is amazing news for our customers and a brilliant reflection on all the hard work and commitment our team has put into ensuring the continued success of TXO SAS. It’s so important to us to have a base for all things TXO in continental Europe. More space allows us to double our efforts in being the world’s leading provider of critical telecom network hardware and asset management.”


Where to next?

This is just the start, and future investment into our scalability is definitely on the cards. We want to continue expanding our capabilities and footprint for customers all over the world. Working towards our vision of becoming the world’s local partner for sustainable communications networks. This is exciting for us as a business too as we take on larger projects and create more opportunities for staff to join our growing team in the process. 

To learn more about our expanding French facility, please get in touch with our team using the details below.

Address and contact details:
2 Rue Marie Sklodowska-Curie

T: +33 (0) 1 82 41 13 00

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