Refurbished CMTS and UBR equipment available for Cable TV networks

We’re excited to share details about our vast stock of refurbished Cable TV (CATV) equipment that’s just landed here at TXO. Available while stocks last, so get your hands on it before it’s too late.

This popular equipment includes Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) and Universal Broadband Routers (UBR) from one of the largest cable TV companies in the world. 


IMG_20201001_124034 v2 Available platforms include:  

Arris E6000 and C4 
CASA C100G and C3200
Cisco UBR
Harmonic VoD (NSG9K)
Teleste accessories

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We’re experts in supporting the CATV industry

We understand that Cable TV operators have specific needs, whether stand-alone or as part of a quad play. This is why we have positioned ourselves well to support our customers with telecom networking equipment focused on CATV. With support from our global partners, we hold a wide catalogue of CATV parts supporting CMTS, DOCSIS 3 technology (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification) and other standards for coaxial cable delivery. The above list is just a snapshot of what we can support you with.


Reduce CAPEX with refurbished CATV equipment

Buying your CATV equipment from the secondary market (also known as the green market) is a smart way to reduce CAPEX and maximise your budget. Refurbished parts typically cost between 60-90% less than OEM list price, meaning you save on costs without jeopardising quality. Another great benefit of buying refurbished is the availability of parts, in particular end of life (EOL) and end of support (EOS) equipment e.g. Cisco UBR10000.  


Why buy from TXO?

  • Savings up to 90% off equivalent new price
  • Availability of quality legacy equipment
  • Free warranty
  • Same day dispatch
  • New unbranded ESD compliant packaging


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